Dear Community:

Good News!

We are proud to confirm that NightVerse Token(NVG)NVGT will be listed on the Gate.IO exchange. We are delighted to share this news with our community.

For more detail please check:



Dear ZKT MTT ZKTR Holders,

The token swap process has been successfully proceeded since 24 Otc 2022. Please check your Metamusk Wallet or any on-chain wallet.

Mapping Rules:

NVG: ZKT=1:1

NVG: ZKTR =1:1

NVG: MTT=1:100

Lockup & Vesting Schedule:

monthly release within 36 months

Smart Contract Address of NVG Token (ERC20):


How to check your assets ?

  1. Import your private key of the original ZKT/MTT/ZKTR Ethereum wallet
  2. 2. Input the new NVG Smart Contract Address

Please pay attention for the time of NVG trading re-open in Exchange, and we are negotiating with Kucoin, please stay tuned.



Dear community,

The NightVerse.Game team appreciates your patience as we continue with the ongoing Swap from ZKT/ZKTR/MTT to NVG.

Till this moment, we have concluded the swapping of ZKTR and MTT.

On the other hand, the ZKT swap is not yet complete. ZKT holders who are yet to see their tokens will get theirs once we complete the swap.

After swap completion, we will receive user complaints and inquiries only through our dedicated social channels like Telegram and Discord.

We appreciate your understanding.



Dear Community Members,

The SWAP to NVG for ZKTR and MTT holders commenced yesterday and around 1675 addresses were allocated the NVG tokens successfully.

Please note,

The first SWAP will be for ZKTR and MTT users.

The second SWAP will be for ZKT holders with private wallets.

The final SWAP will be for ZKT holders on exchanges.

At the moment, the Snapshot has been taken as of 17th of October at 6 AM UTC.

However several users have requested to extend the snapshot, especially Kucoin users. This is under review and we shall confirm the way forward soon.

We appreciate your patience.

Nightverse.Game Team



Dear Members,

After the zkTube Smart Contract hack incident, our team has completed the New Smart Contract for the NVG token.

NVG will be reopened for trading soon. Stay tuned. Also, we thank you all for your support and patience on our new journey.

Feel free to check the report and Smart Contract address:

Report | Smart Contract Address


Swap ZKT to NVG at 1:1.

Please get in touch with us @zkTubeOfficial if you have any questions during the swap.




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