How to check the NVG assets ?

Nov 29, 2022


Dear ZKT MTT ZKTR Holders,

The token swap process has been successfully proceeded since 24 Otc 2022. Please check your Metamusk Wallet or any on-chain wallet.

Mapping Rules:

NVG: ZKT=1:1

NVG: ZKTR =1:1

NVG: MTT=1:100

Lockup & Vesting Schedule:

monthly release within 36 months

Smart Contract Address of NVG Token (ERC20):


How to check your assets ?

  1. Import your private key of the original ZKT/MTT/ZKTR Ethereum wallet
  2. 2. Input the new NVG Smart Contract Address

Please pay attention for the time of NVG trading re-open in Exchange, and we are negotiating with Kucoin, please stay tuned.





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