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NVG Announcements:

We apologize for the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the listing of NVG on gate.io and kucoin exchanges. We understand that the community is eager to have NVG listed, and we are in talks with both exchanges to make this happen. However, we understand that the community may have different opinions on the best way to proceed. Therefore, we are giving the community the choice to decide whether they want NVG to be listed now, at whatever the price might be due to the market conditions, or wait for two months to see if a better listing opportunity arises.

First Option: Proceed with the token listing procedure (7 working days), disregarding the market conditions. Take note, due to the risk of the bear market right now, it might affect the value of the token itself.

Second Option: Wait for 2 months as we work with it and await for better listing opportunities. If this is chosen and selected by the community, each user will receive an additional 3% airdrop as compensation.

Token Listing Voting Period opens on January 11th and will be closed on January 25th.

We thank the community for their patience and support as we work to get NVG listed on these exchanges.





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