NVG Token Swap Starts on the 31st of October, 2022

2 min readOct 27, 2022


NVG Token Swap

Dear Valued ZKT, ZKTR, and MTT Holders,

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the Swap of ZKT, ZKTR, and MTT to NVG tokens.

The swap will start on the 31st of October and the conversion from ZKT/MTT tokens to NVG will be done automatically — whether in exchanges or offline wallets.

The hack was reported in the first week of September 2022 and we informed all users about the incident. Since then, we have started working with the exchanges and other stakeholders to sort the issues out.

Usually, the snapshot should be the day the incident came to light. However, to help users, we delayed the snapshot and opened withdrawals for ZKT through Kucoin on the 15th of October.

Users were informed about the withdrawal and it was their choice to withdraw. Regardless, it does not affect the users in any way.

The users who withdrew to the MetaMask wallet will still be eligible for the NVG Token SWAP provided they withdrew the token on/before the 17th of October, 6 am UTC time.

Users who kept their Tokens on the exchanges such as Kucoin or Gate will get their tokens automatically through the exchange itself.

Those who bought or sold the tokens on exchanges such as Hotbit will not be eligible for the Swap.

MTT holders who had their tokens in their ZKT/PayTube wallet will automatically get the NVG tokens as per the allocation ratio.

The allocation ratio is:-

ZKT to NVG — 1:1

MTT to NVG — 100:1

Total token supply: 330,000,000.

Tokens will have a vesting period and linear release on a monthly basis.

Users can read all previous articles on our social channels to be up-to-date with the incident.

All official communication channels will be open for communications to enable users to forward their concerns and questions while the swap is ongoing.

Thanks for your patience and support.

The NightVerse Team

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