PayTube Wallet Review: An Innovative Wallet with Multi-factor Security & High Throughput

7 min readAug 19, 2021

If you are in the crypto industry, you surely have heard about zkTube — the best solution to enhance scalability for Ethereum Layer 2. Among many benefits that zkTube is providing to crypto enthusiasts, PayTube Wallet is the one. In this article, we will review PayTube Wallet.

Both enterprises and individuals were grasped by the system charging a high fee for transactions. They were looking for a solution that ensures both speed and cheap transaction cost.

zkTube network’s PayTube Wallet ensures not only speed and economical transactions but also security and privacy.

PayTube Wallet has more to read about, so let’s jump on to the PayTube Wallet review.

What is PayTube Wallet?

PayTube Wallet is a Web3.0 application that is based on zkTube Protocol. It utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proofs to provide one-stop decentralized financial solutions to its users.

It is an open-source tool that enables reliable interaction with blockchain for value transmission. It is a cutting-edge digital wallet that provides an opportunity to revolutionize the decentralized payment network.

What Makes PayTube Wallet Unique?

PayTube Wallet is gathering a lot of attention because of its exclusive features, which are as follows.

Highly Secure Crypto Wallet

The blockchain and crypto industry is surrounded by hackers and scammers who are always hunting for loopholes. Most people do not exactly know how to protect their funds and end up becoming stories of hacks with complete wiped of all their assets.

In a decentralized space where security is amongst the most serious concerns, the PayTube Wallet is known for its security features.

PayTube Wallet utilizes a multi-factor security system, private key encryption, PINs, biometric authentication, etc., to provide enhanced security.

PayTube Wallet utilizes multiple signatures that divide payment authorization across 12 devices. All transactions are signed with private keys, which are locally encrypted by the user on their device. So, you do not have to worry if any malicious activity appears on one or two devices.

The self-backup system keeps track of all your activities.

The security threshold of ZK-Rollup’s in Ethereum Layer 2 is infinitely extensible. zkTube has put great efforts into creating PayTube Wallet with resilient security features.

So, you can be confident that your funds are secure!

Trustless and Transparent Wallet

Privacy and transparency are critical in decentralized financial transactions. There are chances of breaches when third parties are involved.

Websites and exchanges get hacked because of data breaches and various other reasons. There are cases when people lose their assets trusting the fake platforms.

PayTube Wallet takes exceptional care of its client’s privacy. PayTube is an open-source, non-custodial wallet. You have sole control of your private keys, which proves that funds belong to you only. Not even PayTube can take your funds. It does not collect, hold, or store any information, including account information, keys, or passwords. Neither PayTube use customer’s data for marketing purpose.

All transactions made through the PayTube Wallet are entirely private, secure, and trustless. So, trade safely anywhere and anytime.

Fast and Economical Transactions

Swift and cost-effective transactions have always been the dream in the financial sector. Because if you want speed, the cost shoots, and vice versa.

In contrast, the PayTube Wallet ensures a scalability boost with both speed and cheap transactions costs.

All assets can be transferred rapidly and efficiently between Layer 1 and Layer 2. The transaction costs only 0.1% of Layer 1’s rate, and the overall throughput is 1,000 times higher.

Unlike the traditional financial system, PayTube Wallet allows you to make cross-border payments as much as you want. It will be the best option for both enterprises and individual use.

Supports Multiple Digital Assets

Most of the crypto wallets out there support only a small number of cryptocurrencies. Many people indeed tend to stick to some of the well-known digital assets, but investors should always have a wide range of options whenever they want to expand their portfolio.

Considering this fact, PayTube Wallet supports more than 3,000 digital assets, including 40 stables coins such as DAI, GUSD, USDT, USDC, ZKT, etc.

PayTube Wallet also enables Dapp developers to access stable coins via its open-source code.

Easy to Use

Either you are a beginner or a crypto veteran, PayTube Wallet is made for you. It is a user-friendly wallet that allows users to easily access and use multiple features with its straightforward interface.

It is an open-source payment solution available for all users. You can easily make cross-platform transactions. You can monitor the market, send, receive, request and exchange encrypted currency using PayTube Wallet.

It is as easy to send payments via PayTube Wallet as sending a message to anyone around the globe.

PayTube Wallet allows seamless switching between Layer 1 and Layer 2 by removing the cumbersome process. So, you can quickly complete purchases and sales at the best prices.

PayTube is also exploring Cross-Rollups which improves the interaction of worldwide users by linking available data between different roll-ups and, ultimately, bringing simplicity.

Supports Various Blockchain Applications

What about a crypto wallet supporting many blockchain applications along with making decentralized financial transactions the most economical and high-speed? It may seem too good to be true, but the PayTube Wallet is the one that is offering to interact with several blockchain applications including Web3.0 applications, etc.

PayTube Wallet supports DeFi & NFTs, Metaverse, and various financial services, including fields such as DEX, payments, wealth management, insurance, games, and many more with just a one-click link.

Users can execute decentralized financial applications such as DeFi and NFTs on Layer 2. Application developers can also directly transfer their DApps by putting them on PayTube and connecting to PayTube Layer 2 for correlated operations.

Offers Rewards to Its Users

PayTube Wallet is working to connect businesses around the world to communities into flourishing economies.

Coupons and rewards have always been the best ways to appreciate the existing consumers and attract other people’s attention.

Considering this fact, PayTube Wallet offers rewards and coupons to all wallet users so they can more conveniently enjoy the fantastic features of PayTube Wallet.

Supports Visa and MasterCard Access

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted payment methods worldwide. There are 37 million merchants in more than 210 countries accepting MasterCard and 7 million retailers taking Visa payments around the world.

Realizing the importance and worldwide usage of these payment methods, PayTube Wallet supports not only Visa and MasterCard but also UnionPay, APPLE PAY, and GOOGLE PAY access.

Customers can directly use the credit card for digital currency purchases and withdrawals.

Custom prepaid cards or shopping cards can be issued to merchants for promoting users’ consumption and stickiness to the PayTube Wallet.

Merchants can easily deploy their smart contracts on PayTube networks, giving them an excellent Layer 2 environment for using the cross-platform mobile wallet.

Provides Monitoring Option to Miners

The ecology of the zkTube network is based on “Green Mining”, which became possible by utilizing the technical advantages of ZK-Rollups.

PayTube Wallet acts as tickets for miners. The wallet allows them to add their mining accounts to complete their staking operations. They can also monitor the mining details in real-time.

PayTube Wallet allows authorization of ZKT (the native token of the zkTube network) for staking. Users have quick access to DeFi, in which they can earn excellent gains by staking, and revenues can be redeemed anytime.

Miners can receive their profits in real-time by adding their mining account into the PayTube Wallet.

Whitelist Mapping

PayTube Wallet allows whitelisted users to swap their ZKTR for ZKT tokens. For doing this, ZKTR must be authorized before deposit as it is the requirement of smart contracts. Once authorized, ZKTR will be transferred to the smart contract to exchange for ZKT tokens.

On successful transactions into the contract, your ZKT tokens are ready to withdraw. You can easily withdraw them at any time.

All in One Digital Wallet

Due to offering facilities in one place, the PayTube Wallet can be considered an all-in-one digital wallet.

It supports merchants to add brand wallets, broadening its usage. It offers a QR code scanning system that allows users to invite their friends to join the custom community.

Consumers can use PayTube Wallet to receive specific digital currency or stable local currency. It supports DEX online exchange and swaps.

PayTube provides marketing tools that can be used for free brands of partner brands programs. It allows exchange and storage between digital and fiat currency.


PayTube Wallet is offering numerous benefits to its users. There is no fear of asset loss, and it is safer to use compared to many existing crypto wallets. It assures 100% privacy of customers’ information. The transaction speed and cost are really admirable. It also allows users to manage their tokens. Customers can also use the PayTube Wallet to create a new wallet or import other wallets with tokens supported by the PayTube Wallet.

The vision of the PayTube Wallet is to become the most user-friendly digital wallet by overcoming the hurdles of the traditional financial sector utilizing the potential of blockchain technology. And it can be seen that PayTube is entirely devoted to the road towards its goal.

We can hope more out of the zkTube network and PayTube Wallet in the future!

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