Proto-Danksharding and zkTube:

3 min readMar 11, 2024


Leading the Charge in Ethereum’s Layer 2 Evolution

The Proto-Danksharding upgrade is a pivotal transition of Ethereum network, this move aligns perfectly with zkTube’s forecast and ongoing commitment to enhance Layer 2 solutions with Zero Knowledge technology. The profound influnce of Proto-Danksharding for the Ethereum ecosystem, especially how it complements zkTube’s Layer 2 solution, marks a significant step forward in the blockchain’s scalability and efficiency.

The Emergence of Proto-Danksharding

Proto-Danksharding, integral to the Ethereum Cancun upgrade (EIP-4844), represents a transitional phase toward full Danksharding, aiming to drastically reduce gas fees and enhance transaction throughput. By introducing a new type of transaction that incorporates ‘data blobs’, Proto-Danksharding prepares the Ethereum network for a future where managing global transaction networks is a tangible reality. The essence of Proto-Danksharding lies in its capacity to facilitate rollups by providing dedicated storage space for data blobs, significantly reducing the operational costs for Layer 2 solutions and consequently lowering transaction fees for end users​​​​.

zkTube and Proto-Danksharding: A Perfect Match

zkTube’s dedication to leveraging Zero Knowledge proofs for Layer 2 scalability solutions finds a robust ally in Proto-Danksharding. The core functionality of Proto-Danksharding, particularly its use of KZG commitments for data verification, resonates with zkTube’s operational framework. KZG commitments allow for a blob of data to be reduced to a small cryptographic “commitment”, ensuring the integrity of data rollups submit. This method is inherently compatible with Zero Knowledge techniques, underpinning zkTube’s methodology for secure and efficient transaction processing on Layer 2 .

zkTube’s Proven Vision

About one year agao, zkTube team alsready forecasted the significance of EIP-4844. Our foresight in focusing on Zero Knowledge Layer 2 solutions is reaffirmed by the development and integration of Proto-Danksharding. This upgrade not only substantiates zkTube’s strategic direction but also emphasizes the project’s role at the forefront of Layer 2 scalability solutions. By aligning its capabilities with the Ethereum network’s evolutionary path, zkTube stands as a testament to visionary adaptability and commitment to blockchain technology advancement.

zkTube’s Support for Proto-Danksharding

In anticipation of the Proto-Danksharding upgrade, zkTube has committed to fully supporting this new development from day one of its activation on the Ethereum network. This pledge underscores zkTube’s readiness to adapt and leverage new technological advancements to enhance its Layer 2 solution. With Proto-Danksharding set to go live in 2024 as part of the Deneb + Cancun upgrade, zkTube positions itself to immediately capitalize on the enhanced scalability and reduced operational costs the upgrade promises .

In conclusion, the Proto-Danksharding upgrade represents a significant leap forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly in its quest for scalability and reduced gas fees. For zkTube, this development is not only a validation of its strategic focus on Zero Knowledge Layer 2 solutions but also an opportunity to further its contribution to the blockchain technology evolution. As Ethereum continues to evolve, the synergy between zkTube’s Layer 2 solution and Proto-Danksharding will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized finance and beyond, at the mean time, our partners of zKtube ecosystem platform will benifit from the progress greatly.




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