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Introduction with

Q1. Can you tell us with what goals did you come up with the idea of zkTube?

The concept of the zkTube protocol prototype originated as early as 2018. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed a mining solution for anti-ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) on the discussion. zkTube founder Lance participated in the Ethereum Scaleability and new ideas Exploration of POS mining and casting zkTube. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by the Ethereum open grant and contributes to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:

Q2. Can you talk a bit about the features that will intrigue users towards ZkTube?

Mo Works:
zkTube is a Layer 2 protocol based on ZK Rollup, For token transactions under the ERC20/ERC721 protocol, it can also achieve 1 / 200 handling charge compared with layer 1.

TPS is as high as 3000+, zkTube will be a satisfactory solution for application scenarios that have higher requirements in terms of the transaction receipt, timeliness, and high-throughput Dapp. zkTube will provide protocol services for DeFi, NFT, decentralized DEX, payment, and other aspects.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Is there a difference between ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocol?

Mo Works:
The users can perform the above operations on zkTube. At the same time, the application side can also build all kinds of Dapps applications based on zkTube.

we are answering this

Mo Works:
ERC20 token represents a single type of asset
ERC721 token represents a class of assets

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Q3. How easy it is for someone to scale their application using the zkTube protocol?

I will answer this one

zkTube Labs is already developing its own virtual zktvm. When the zktvm is in the test network, we will immediately synchronize to the main network. Except for the opcode removed by Ethereum Foundation, all zktvms support it.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Reply done when you are done answering a questions

If you want to move a project to zkTube, firstly, you need to see whether zktvm supports it. Secondly, the move is very fast. You only need to re-deploy it in zkTube once, because the data is on the chain, and there is no problem with data migration.

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Q4. Why do you think Paytube will be the numero uno in wallet space?

Casey Brown:
As for whether we can become a leader, it has to pass the market test, but we have made a lot of innovations in PayTube wallets

Next, I will give a brief introduction to PayTube wallets. I believe you will see the details after they are launched

Celeb | Decentralized Club:


Casey Brown:
PayTube is a contract-only wallet. Its main advantage is that it is not afraid of asset loss. Compared with the existing wallet, PayTube is more secure

In addition, one advantage of PayTube is that users can directly perform Defi, Net, and other decentralized financial application operations on Layer2


Casey Brown:
Secondly, application providers can also directly put their Dapps on PayTube and directly connect to PayTube L2 account for related operations

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Have you being audited

That what investors find out for

Not to lose assets

Casey Brown:
we are currently applying

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Okay noted

Casey Brown:

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Can we move to the last question for this segment

Q5. What is your planning to achieve further this year?

Paytube wallet will be launch on June 30, 2021
zkTube Mainnet Launch on June 30, 2021
Miners voting day, July 1, 2021 (Testnet miners will be invited for voting, regarding the mining launch date)

Support Solidity for Smart Contract August 1, 2021
Support Layer2 Dex September 30, 2021
Support Cross-Rollup December 30, 2021

The official announcement will be published after the zkTube mainnet is launched.😀😀😀

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That’s being a whole segment

I think I have to roll up my sleeves this time around😁

Community ask questions from Website ensure secure computation, there are many technologies like Homomorphic encryption, zk-SNARK, Trusted Execution Environment(TEE), MPC. They seem to be good candidates but the final selection of zkTube is Zero-Knowledge Proof(ZKP). Can you let us know the reasons for choosing it as your project's core technology?(技术)
Telegram Username: @tv100029

Mo Works:
Almost there!

Each technology is specific to a specific field, and its characteristics may not fully meet the requirements of development.

For example, the encryption algorithms SNARK and PLONK are both used to solve security problems, but for different scenarios, their performance characteristics are different.

For example, payment or decentralized DEX scenarios, SNARKs algorithm is more suitable, For example, groth16 needs the least number of bytes when proving, and has a single requirement for circuit design, so it does not need to design circuits for different scenarios.

For the PLONK algorithm, it is more suitable for multi-scene or high variability fields, because PLONK has the advantage of supporting common and scalable reference strings, and as long as the size in the circuit design does not exceed the SRS upper limit threshold,

some scenes and functions can actually share one SRS, which is very helpful for zkTube, In some specific scenarios, such as deposit, withdraw, transfer, buy and sell, the proof time of zkTube is reduced by about 5 times compared with SNARKs, but after zkTube optimization, the proof time is reduced by about 15–20 times.

That’s why zkTube chose PLONK

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
2.What Strength for this project in layer2 compare to other projects
Telegram Username: CHAO LI

1. Low Gas fee and high throughput zkTube

2.Safety guarantee at the level of Ethereum mainnet

3.Quick Transaction Verification😀

4.Transfer payment received in a real-time😊

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
But it’s built on ERC20 network

How do you handle gas fees

Mo Works:

Yes, I will give the explanation

This GAS refers to the transaction costs on Layer2

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
3.Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?
Telegram Username: @Jemtran

Mo Works:
Damn, that's a BIG question!

I agree Marketing is important. In fact, it can make or break the best projects.

I believe here where my role becomes handy as in the past 4 years I worked with some of the best projects here in Australia — and my role was to establish and grow global communities

get a drink as my answer will be long hahaha

we are ready for it

Mo Works:
We have different strategies that will support our growth in the short term and long term.
We are currently establishing different communities in various countries within their most active tech hub for the long term.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:

Mo Works:
We are also recurrent ambassadors to represent us in different locations globally. We have also established different channels to serve different types of communities.

Our plan here will be depending on rewarding our communities to grow themselves via referral and other methods.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
What are your requirements for ambassadors

Can you post form links to fill

I feel you would get inquiries from the community

Mo Works:
great question. we are open to getting inquiries from people who want to join us however, we are vetting the right ppl to join the project

you guys can join our telegram group

Mo Works:
We have a strict internal criterion for people who want to join like their previous roles, current roles. Their knowledge about the network and layer 2 and much more

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Hope am welcomed as well

Community ask questions from Twitter

1.For every development manager, a strategic vision for the development of his organization, tell us, #dear_Dave, about your strategic vision #forzKTube?

Okay all noted

Dave L:
I’d be happy to answer that😀

Our strategic vision is here to support our main mission, which is to be the most viable technology to enable the mainstream adoption of public blockchains.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Specifically detailed

Dave L:
We are going to soon release our new platform and unique proposition for an airdrop campaign that will use a referral mechanism that will help us reach a wider global community.


Last, I wish I can share more but I bet you all like interesting news. Stay tuned. Let me know if you have any questions about the above or hit the team if you want to join our exclusive bounty program.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
You would share details after ama

Dave L:

sure, we will share more details after AMA

please stay tuned with our medium and telegram group

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
2.Question 1:What makes ZKTUBE a star project in layer2?In other words, the highlights compare to another project? Question 2:How to mine, who can mine, when can?

Let me answer this one

There are two reasons why zkTube is constantly exporting its achievements to the market in the field of Layer2:

the first reason is that the members of zkTube labs began to study the field of Layer2 in 2019 and began to discuss the realizable solutions in the Ethereum forum, so we have very mature technology precipitation for the Layer2 solution

The second reason is that zkTube provides a protocol to solve the problem of capacity expansion in the field of Layer2. Dapps can build Layer2 applications in different scenarios based on this protocol.

Secondly, we do a thorough technical optimization based on zk-rollup, specifically in compression processing, PLONK algorithm optimization, prover algorithm mechanism design, prover independent voice operation mechanism, and other aspects of technical optimization.

zkTube mining is mainly to obtain corresponding block rewards by proving blocks. Users only need CPU hardware configuration to complete mining. Moreover, we have opened the mining module and adopted the decentralized design method.

We’ve been granted by Uni V3

And we will provide technical support to Uniswap when we launch our mainnet

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Great to note


3.What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project shortly? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?

Mo Works:
We have been having a great response from our community and organization which is giving us great confident

Besides that, we have an elite dev team that I haven't seen in any previous project I worked on

As per the continuity of the project, it depends 100% on having a strong and satisfied community that will be utilizing our framework.

Once the platform is available for the community, our team through our different community forums and channels will be available to get all feedback and schedule in development.

note that we have already been doing this with our beta users incorporating their feedback.

Live Questions answered by zkTube

This is my answer to the question:

We are targeted global audience, our project is a global project, it is based in Melbourne Australia, which starts to build zkTube protocol in 2020 with the worldwide team on the approved concept, it changing the crypto payment with cutting-edge technology for the financial revolution, zkTube is the scaling solution for ETH with zero-knowledge proofs. Of course,Everyone can use a decentralized PayTube Wallet everywhere in the world without any restrictions.

2.🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧 Lionel Messi 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪:
As I know, zkTube Protocols can migrate from L1 to L2 gradually. How long will it take for this migration? Is this transfer expensive? how about the security?
@lancepanda @CeriumO2 @Dave1217 @lovelyQuokka @PatriciaWxy @suzanaking @nicholasv3 @Mo_Works@Casey9814C

Dave L:
zkTube Labs is already developing its own virtual zktvm. When the zktvm is in the test network, we will immediately synchronize to the main network. Except for the opcode removed by the Ethereum Foundation, all zktvms support it.

If you want to move a project to zkTube, firstly, you need to see whether zktvm supports it. Secondly, the move is very fast. You only need to re-deploy it in zkTube once, because the data is on the chain, and there is no problem with data migration.

zktvm deployment contract does not cost, but we have requirements for code files, in turn, to save the cost of zero-knowledge proof, zero-knowledge proof does not exist asset security issues, users can withdraw assets from the contract at any time
3.Nancy Amr:
Which one of these aspects important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price&Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?


Mo Works:
Great question @boora2100

The order of importance is below

1-Building Community Trust
2-Empowering Platform Development (hand in hand with the community)
3-Expanding Partnership Globally

When the above happens, the next one will happen by itself
4-Increasing Token Price&Value

Hope this help
Lately, we hear more about hacking incidents. That is why secure projects gain importance. Can you give some information about the security system of zkTube and also some information about how much-decentralized zkTube? Do the assets of investors really belong to users in zkTube?

Casey Brown:
At present, the issue of black hat hackers is also a game process in the technology circle. It can be said that there is no absolute security.
Firstly, it can be clear that the user’s money belongs only to the user. Then our approach to security currently relies on the technical concept of ZK-Rollup as the core. The users’ assets are directly stored in the smart contract, and the user's own signature is required to use the assets, and no one else can do it.
zkTube’s technology itself is based on the premise of the Ethereum network. The second-tier asset change records will be distributed and stored in the machines of multiple partners and Ethereum. The code of the smart contract can only be released and used after being audited. So our degree of decentralization is against Ethereum. We will also follow the current trend and purchase insurance for our projects. Once an attack causes economic losses, we will use the claim settlement mechanism to recover everyone’s losses.



zkTube-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT

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zkTube-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT