ZK Talent Grant Program!


To co-ordinate the Ethereum Layer2 ecosystem, there are proposals to specifically study cross-layer2 and cross-rollup. zkTube Protocol aims to build the ecosystem around Ethereum Layer2, thus, zkTube Labs decides to contribute 1,000 pieces of ZKT and $2,000 USDT to Layer2 contributors who participate in R&D research work, and together, we can create a bright future for zkTube.

Invitation & Application

All you have to do is to link your LinkedIn and GitHub with zkTube’s official accounts to qualify to take part in.

Only 10–20 contributors can be invited globally.


Once you have been invited, you have to attend the weekly online forum every time to discuss the current technology and future expectation of cross-layer2 & cross-rollup;

After the forum, you have to do your research according to the discussion.

And zkTube Labs will evaluate the ultimate prize list.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us via Linkedin or work@zktube.io

Note: zkTube Labs reserve the right to the final interpretation of this plan.



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