zkTube Bounty Program is Live

zkTube is a project built and developed on layer2 using ZK-Rollup technology and zkSNARK principles. It can improve scalability by transferring batch transmission to a single transaction.

Its essence is to compress the user state on the chain, store it in a Merkle tree, and transfer the user state change to the chain. At the same time, the zero-knowledge proof mechanism is used to ensure the correctness of the user state change process under the chain.

zkTube Bounty Program is live on Bitcointalk:

1,000,000 ZKTC tokens will be allocated to this campaign
→ Campaign 1: Content Creations — 20%
→ Campaign 2: YouTube — 7.5%
→ Campaign 3: Telegram — 20% (First 400)
→ Campaign 4: Twitter — 22.5% (First 400)
→ Campaign 5: Facebook — 10% (First 350)
→ Campaign 6: Reddit — 10% (First 350)
→ Campaign 7: Translation — 10%

Week 1: 16.06.2021–22.06.2021
Week 2: 23.06.2021–29.06.2021
Week 3: 30.06.2021–06.07.2021
Week 4: 07.07.2021–13.07.2021
Week 5: 14.07.2021–20.07.2021
Week 6: 21.07.2021–27.07.2021

General Rules

Before getting started, make sure that you are eligible to participate by doing the following:

Every Participant Must Join the following zkTube Channels + Stay there until the end of the campaign.
Follow Mo Works on https://www.instagram.com/moworks/ and https://twitter.com/mo_works
This campaign will run for 6 weeks.

zkTube reserves the right to change or add rules any time during the campaign;

You might be disqualified from this campaign if you commit any offensive or inappropriate behavior toward zkTube, staff, on our communications channel, or in pursuit of bounty rewards.
All participants must post proof of authentication to join this bounty.
The usage of multiple accounts, cheating, spamming, unethical behavior (as defined by zkTube), or relying on someone else to do the work will disqualify you from all bounties.

For more Bounty rules and information, please visit:




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