zkTube Candy Airdrop Claim Tutorial

zkTube Airdrop Campaign was closed on June 30. The Airdrop Campaign was extremely popular and the market responded enthusiastically, after a careful review by the zkTube team and a thorough safety check of the Airdrop email addresses, the number of valid addresses for the Campaign is 15,468.

According to the number of participants, the rewards distribution rules of this Airdrop are:

Each address can claim 32.32 ZKTC, please follow the steps below to get the ZKTC.

Step 1: Please check the airdrop list on the official website


to get your address and parameters;

Step 2: Open the following URL in Chrome;


Step 3: After selecting “Contract”, choose “Write Contract”, click the red circle and connect to your wallet;

Step 4: Click “Claim”;

Step 5: The parameters obtained from the first step are filled into these four blanks, after completing this form, click the “Write” button, and a button to confirm the transaction will pop up, click “OK” to confirm the claim.

Thank you for your understanding and support, ZKTC is now open to claim, collect your share immediately.

zkTube Labs

July 21, 2021



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