“zkTube Global Navigation Plan” Is Officially Launched

2 min readOct 12, 2021

I. Goals of Development

Since the launch of the zkTube Mainnet, all work has been moving forward in an orderly manner. While developing, we also hope to invite more community users to participate in building the ecosystem of zkTube. Here we announce the official launch of the “zkTube Global Navigation Plan”. This plan aims to recruit “Community Co-builders” from all over the world, give full play to the power of the community, integrate resources, and build an ecosystem to enhance zkTube’s global influence and drive the rapid development of the Layer 2 field.

II. Responsibilities of Co-builders

Work with the team to build zkTube ecology through their resources, including but not limited to:

A. Create and publish various types of articles and videos about zkTube

B. Hold online AMA, interviews and live broadcasts about zkTube

C. Host offline meetings about zkTube or attend conferences on behalf of zkTube Labs

D. Bring more eco-collaborations to zkTube or introduce more DApps to PayTube Wallet

III. Benefits of Co-builders

A. ZKT Rewards

B. Peripheral Gifts

C. Invited to participate in various activities of zkTube Labs

IV. Apply to be a Co-builder

Community members who are passionate about promoting zkTube’s ecology and community development can sign up to join the “zkTube Global Navigation Plan” and send an email to business@zktube.io according to the following instructions.

A. Briefly introduce yourself (including blockchain-related work experience) and explain why you join the program.

B. How to use your resources to help zkTube’s ecological construction and community development?

C. What kind of assistance do you need from the zkTube team?

D. What kind of remuneration do you expect?

Note: After receiving the email, the team will communicate with each applicant. Once the cooperation agreement is reached, the team will arrange a member to work with them to help them complete the joint construction task.




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