zkTube Monthly Report 2021.12

It’s been a very productive month and the end of 2021, let’s go through our technical and marketing progress this month.


1. Solve bugs

2. Added compatibility with some Mining Machines

3. Prover binary version released

4. Release of mining revenue calculator

5. Some known bug fixes

6.Close the docker version certificate

7. Fix bugs

8. MTT develop

9. Prover compatible version released

10. Access of the mining machine

11. Solve bugs

12. Added compatibility with some Mining Machines


  1. MTT function development

2. The initial revision plan has been determined

3. zkTube Mining pool app development

4. PayTube UI construction

5. PayTube update and maintenance

6. Optimize PayTube function

7. Deal with some bugs

8. New version of the interface, function update, payTube update

9. MTT function development

10. The initial revision plan has been determined


  1. MetaTube official website problem repair

2. Sorting out the prototype of the mining pool calculator

3. The mining pool calculator page, joint debugging of interfaces, and testing are online

4. Solve bugs

5. Fix the problem that some browsers keep loading without balance

6. Cooperate with the testing and commissioning of the website interface of the chain game

7. zkTubepool background management interface project construction

8. zkTubepool background management registration login interface

9. Awards selection page develop

10. prover update

11. Swap function development

zkTube Communities Members:

  • Twitter 54,400
  • Medium 1,900
  • Telegram 57,300
  • Discord 12,702
  • Reddit 4,050

MetaTube Communities Members:

  • Twitter 43,700
  • Telegram 22,800
  • Discord 12,702
  1. The DCentral Miami Conference has ended successfully

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1466249956595879939

2. zkTube Exclusive VVIP Cocktail Party & MetaTube Mystery Boxes Launching are just around the corner

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1466610104560615424

3. $ZKT Mining Output Analysis

If you sell your mined #ZKT every day, the average price is $32 ONLY

If you hold your $ZKT until now, the current price is $70

More Details:


4. $ZKT is currently up 260% & the number of Staking is 113,000

The most profitable mining project ever, the BEST #Layer2 scaling solution

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1464952683245150212

5. MetaTube Airdrop

#MetaTube $50,000 worth of $MTT airdrops

More Details:


6. zkTube has been co-hosting the Exclusive Crypto Oasis Gala Dinner at the Billionaire club on Dec 13th with CEO @BlockchainHamza

More Details:


7. The #zkTube & #MetaTube Dubai Cocktail Party was a success, with users participating in the mystery boxes with great enthusiasm, 43,503 ZKT were collected & burned

More Details:


8. #ZKT is listed on SimpleSwap!

More Details:


9. MetaTube has launched the #Bounty Campaign on #BitcoinTalk

More Details:


10. #zkTube MENA CEO & Global CMO @BlockchainHamza co-hosted the #CryptoOasis

More Details:


11. The #MetaTube #Airdrop Campaign is so hot that in response to community demand, we decided to extend the #Airdrop to Dec 23rd, 2021

More Details:


12. MetaTube New Year Airdrop with 100,000 MTT

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1473996312181833728

13. The GameFi Market is Developing & zkTube is Determined to Make Quality Products

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1473140422146871297

14. zkTube x #MetaTube Upcoming #Giveaway & also an interesting #Christmas event

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1473502073823973379

15. Merry Christmas from #zkTube #MetaTube & #PayTube

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1474238221542330374

16. #MetaTube Event Series Episode 2

Design Your Own Elf-egg NFT Campaign Starts Soon

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1476474299741446146

17. zkTube Team has accomplished many major #milestones in 2021

Check out our plans for 2022 in the updated Roadmap


18. zkTube New Year Campaign 2022 @kucoincom

More Details: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1475824135209033729

zkTube Events of 2021

MetaTube New Year Airdrop with 100,000 MTT


MetaTube Bounty Program


MetaTube Airdrop


zkTube Global Navigation Plan


Roll up! #PayTube Wallet


zkTube Mainnet Simulation Mining


zkTube #Exchange Listing Bounty


zkTube Dubai Cocktail Night & MetaTube Global Debut


#zkTube will be exhibiting at @DCentralCon as VIPs in Nov 30-Dec 1, 2021


zkTube Protocol (ZKT) Gets Listed on KuCoin, World Premiere


zkTube is at Blockchain Life 2021 Forum in Moscow. European Ambassador Nikita Kuptsov delivered a keynote speech at 8am Oct 27 (UTC)


About zkTube

zkTube, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses Zero-Knowledge proof to solve the congestion and high gas fee problem, has combined cutting-edge cryptography and ZK-Rollup to improve throughput and TPS. zkTube is focusing on the development process to complete “Cross-Rollup.” zkTube is the first application to adopt PLONK technology into mining functions. It is an environmentally friendly mining mechanism based on decentralized distributed energy management.

About MetaTube

MetaTube is a 3D&AR Metaverse game built on the zkTube Layer 2 network for users to earn NFTs with the concept of Play to Earn and Move to Earn.

zkTube & PayTube & MetaTube:

zkTube Website | PayTube Website |MetaTube Website | Twitter | Twitter(MetaTube) | Telegram (Official) | Telegram (MetaTube) | Discord |Discord(MetaTube) | Medium | YouTube |Facebook | Gitter |Reddit | Blog | Instagram




ZKTMeta-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT

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ZKTMeta-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT

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