zkTube Monthly Report-October 2021

It’s been a very productive month, zkTube has been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and KuCoin over the past month, besides, 6 AMAs were held on different Telegram groups.

Let’s go through our technical and marketing progress in October. Thank you for your continued support of zkTube.


1. The related functions of Layer 2 revenue display are completed

2. Optimized the data request method to speed up the APP data request

3. API documentation is improving 45%

4. The stability problem caused by the wrong transaction data is solved, and the system stability is enhanced

5. Mining machine online reward API has been completed

6. The expansion and deployment of the mining machine service node is completed

7. After the upgrade, user assets are successively transferred to the new contract

8. Fixes for new problems in the Rinkeby environment

9. Finished sending rewards to Layer 2

10. Rewards data presentation planning

11. Mining machine access optimization planning

12. Completed the Layer 2 balance transfer after the upgrade

13. Token exchange rate interface

14. Mining reward update

15. Wallet interface speed optimization

16. Mine pool research

17. ZKTC rewards data statistics and function repair

18. API interface documentation 80%

19. Handling of wrong transactions 85%


1. Add ameegos, killaznft, cga dapp data

2. Global theme setting 50%

3. PayTube Wallet upgrade

4. Modified mining rewards

5. Modified the interface

6. Access to more Dapps

7. Dapp module WalletConnect access

8. Adding the local token list is under planning

9. Notification push function is planning

10. Layer 2 is planning to use ZKT as the transaction fee

11. Optimize asset calculation

12. Increase the list of winners

13. Optimize the estimated handling fee

14. The new version is normal development


1. Optimization of zkTube official website

2. The block explorer supports the display of mining information to online rewards

3. The static page of the PayTube winners’ list has been completed 70%

4. The block explorer mining reward information page is completed, and the interface is docked 50%

5. zkTube official website functions and pages have been added

6. 50% of the work of adding WalletConnect to zkTube wallet has been completed

7. Deploy beta environment and cooperate with testing to solve existing problems

8. Study the MetaMask wallet transaction records and balances

9. The pc wallet completes the wallet connect, and connect to the wallet and deploys the mainnet

10. PayTube help center document

11. zkTube official website UI adjusted and launched

Communities Members:

  • Twitter 50,100
  • Medium 1,600
  • Telegram 56,300
  • Discord 11,702
  • Reddit 3,050
  1. zkTube Protocol (ZKT) Gets Listed on KuCoin, World Premiere


2. zkTube is at Blockchain Life 2021 Forum in Moscow. European Ambassador Nikita Kuptsov delivered a keynote speech at 8 am Oct 27 (UTC)


3. zkTube AMA Series

Six AMAs were held on different Telegram groups

Read more on Twitter







4. Giving away 2,000 $USDT to celebrate the world premiere listing of ZKT on KuCoin


5. zkTube (ZKT) is live on KuCoin, ZKT is up to 1550% in the first hour


6. Ecology Update

CyberKongz, RiotRacers, AmeegosOfficial, KILLAz_NFT and CHOJO -CryptoGirlsArena have been connected to #PayTubeWallet

#AxieInfinity #Loot #FinNexus #OVRMetaverse #CryptoKitties #Oasis #0xAdventure #Avastars #CryptoDynasty & #MoonCatRescue have been connected to #PayTubeWallet

There will be more #DApps in the future, #zkTube & #PayTube ecology will be more diverse & prosperous

7. zkTube Bounty Rewards

1,000,000ZKTC will be fairly distributed as the Bounty rewards

We are deeply grateful to our community contributors


8. $ZKT is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko



9. zkTube Ambassador of Europe participated in the local blockchain Meetup

More: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1451165149176336402?s=20

10. zkTube Global Navigation Plan

“zkTube Global Navigation Plan” is officially launched

This plan aims to recruit “Community Co-builders” from all over the world to build an #ecosystem to enhance #zkTube’s global influence with lots of rewards & benefits


11. zkTube Exchange Listing Bounty on Reddit

To share 1,000 Reddit coins rewards


12. PayTube Wallet V1.1.5 Version Update Instructions

At present, PayTube Wallet V1.1.5 has been released.

More: https://zktube.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408566485140-PayTube-Wallet-V1-1-5-Version-Update-Instructions

13. zkTube is among the great sponsors for the Blockchain Life 2021

zkTube has sponsored the Blockchain Life 2021 in Moscow, one of the biggest & most important forums on #Blockchain & #Сryptocurrencies in the world.

More on Twitter:


14. Download Your Layer 2 Wallet

Secure, manage and exchange your #crypto assets in one wallet

Download #PayTube on #Google #Testflight #iOS & #Android


15. Roll up! PayTube Wallet Trading Contest is in full swing

Rewards: 1,000 ZKTRs

Check more details:https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1446388878139531264?s=20

16. Check out our new project demonstration on YouTube


About zkTube

zkTube, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses Zero-Knowledge proof to solve the congestion and high gas fee problem, has combined cutting-edge cryptography and ZK-Rollup to improve throughput and TPS. zkTube is focusing on the development process to complete “Cross-Rollup.” zkTube is the first application to adopt PLONK technology into mining functions. It is an environmentally friendly mining mechanism based on decentralized distributed energy management.

zkTube & PayTube:

zkTube Website | PayTube Website | Twitter | Telegram (Official) | Discord | Medium | YouTube |Facebook | Gitter |Reddit | Blog | Instagram




ZKTMeta-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT

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ZKTMeta-Inexpensive and environmentally friendly Layer 2 Ethereum solution. Green Cloud Mining, Play-To-Earn AR & 3D gaming. Worlds first layer2 Metaverse. #ZKT

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