zkTube Weekly Report(8.14–8.20)

Congratulations to zkTube for deploying a large mining pool in Canada.

We have made a lot of progress in technology development this week, let’s see what’s new about zkTube and PayTube.

  • Server progress:

1. The function of a unique identification code of the mining machine has been tested and released;

2. End-to-end pledge, ZKTR mapping, and miner revenue acquisition and other interface functions have been tested;

3. The ZKTR mapping and ZKT pledge-mining rehearsal has completed the internal testing, and the Rinkeby public testing will start soon;

4. The display and docking of zkTube project information on the L2 beat platform has been prepared and will be released in the near future.

  • App progress:

1. The miner ticket function has been tested in the Rinkeby environment and will be released;

2. The miners earning income function has been tested in the Rinkeby environment and will be released;

3. The whitelist release rule function has been tested in the Rinkeby environment and will be released.

  • PC progress:

1. The mining and browsing function of zkTube Scan has been tested and will be released;

2. The zkTube mobile adapter has been launched;

3. PayTube official website is under development;

4. PayTube mobile adaptation version is under development;

5. zkTube Scan mobile adaptation design is in progress.

zkTube Communities Update:

zkTube communities in 9 countries,include:

Global Official Telegram Group:


Vietnam Telegram Group:


Korea Telegram Group:


Turkey Telegram Group:


Russia Telegram Group:


Africa Telegram Group:


Australia Telegram Group:


Deutschland Telegram Group:


Chinese Telegram Group:


Arabic Telegram Group:


Communities Members:

  • Telegram:48,986
  • Twitter:22,722
  • Discord:14,145
  • YouTube:5,150
  • Medium:1,400
  • What is zkTube?

Get to know more about zkTube & PayTube on our YouTube Channel

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrYyYUzxdeY&t=1s

  • zkTube Large Mining Pool will be Deployed in Canada, with an Investment of up to $24 Million


  • PayTube Wallet Review: An Innovative Wallet with Multi-factor Security & High Throughput


  • zkTube Mainnet Simulation Mining Officially Launches

zkTube Mainnet Simulation Mining will be launched on August 21, 2021, log in to the website (https://zktube.io/), click on the connect wallet, and receive the test coins (ZKTR) to participate in the mining and get mining rewards.

About zkTube

zkTube, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses Zero-Knowledge proof to solve the congestion and high Gas fee problem, has combined cutting-edge cryptography and ZK-Rollup to improve throughput and TPS. zkTube is focusing on the development process to complete “Cross-Rollup”. zkTube is the first application to adopt PLONK technology into mining functions. It is an environmentally friendly mining mechanism based on decentralized distributed energy management.

Please click the following links for further information about zkTube & PayTube:

zkTube Website | PayTube Website | Twitter | Telegram (Official) | Discord | Medium | YouTube | Facebook | Gitter



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